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 Patent on a utility model

Technical decision referring to an appliance is meant by utility model.

Legal protection is provided for utility model if it is new and industrially applicable.

Utility model is considered to be industrially applicable if it can be utilized in industry, agriculture, public health and other sectors of economy and social sphere.

The utility model is considered to be compliance with patentability condition of "novelty", if  in technical level a tool for the same purpose as a utility model, which is characterized by all of the essential features in a utility model independent claims, including the description of the destination, is not known.

Utility model must conform to novelty standards.

Legal protection is not provided for:

  • decisions concerning trade dress only
  • topographies of integral circuits
  • decisions contradicting to public interest, humanitarian and moral rules

 The list of proposals that cannot be regarded as technical decisions: 

  • discoveries
  • scientific theories and mathematical methods
  • rules of games, methods of intellectual and business activity
  • computer programs
  • decisions based only on giving information
  • technical decisions referring to means, substances, plant and animal cells or other products that cannot be characterized as appliances


Duration of patent for utility model is 10 years + 3 years from the date of filing.

How to obtain a patent for the utility model?

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Professional and official fees:



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 Official fees,


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Date of performance

Registration of patent application of invention and taking the decision according to the results of formal examination


850 + 100 за for each patent claim of utility model above 25


Searching procedures

from 20 000


14 days

Preparing of documents for filing with the RUPTO

from 20 000


 7 days





Registration of invention and granting of the patent


3 250


From filing date to  granting date



4 months