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Registration of a trademark

If You decide to use our services, within 3 working days after your payment we will prepare application documents for trademark registration in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of trademarks protection, and file the application to the RUPTO.
In this case, you should provide us with the following documents  which are necessary for preparing a trademark application for registration:

1. Designation for registration (Your trademark (TM), word trademark in Microsoft Office Word file, design or combined trademark in JPG.
2. List of goods and/or services for TM registration.
3. Name of the company in exact conformity with the Articles of association.
4. OGRN,OKPO,TIN,RRC (if you have).
5. Legal address in exact conformity with the Articles of association, including the index.
6. Correspondence address, telephone number, email address.
7. Bank details.
8. Name and title of head of company (or
authorized representative).

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Here is the example of the trademark certificate.

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