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Trademark protection

We can represent your interests in the Chamber of patent disputes, courts and the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service.

1) The Chamber of Patent disputes:

  • establishing the legality of the refusal to grant legal protection for intellectual property subjects: trademarks (service marks ) , appellations of origin, inventions, industrial designs, utility models;
  • the legality  of recognition the application of intellectual property subjects for the to be withdrawn;
  • the legitimacy of legal protection of the intellectual property subjects;
  • etc.

Representation in the Chamber of Patent disputes includes:

a) preparation of requests and objections , answers to the requests and objections;

b) participation in meetings of the Chamber of patent disputes;

2) The courts of the Russian Federation:

Proceeding with:

  • infringement of the exclusive right to the trademark;
  • infringement of the exclusive right to an invention , utility model , industrial design;
  • the preparation and execution of the license agreement and an agreement on the transfer of the exclusive right to a trademark                   ( assignment agreement) ;
  • the preparation and execution of agreements for the transfer of exclusive rights ( patent assignment ) and license agreements for the usage of an invention , utility model or industrial design;
  • declaration the decisions of the Chamber of patent disputes , the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service to be illegal 
  • premature termination of the legal protection of a trademark in connection with its non-use ;
  •  etc.

Representation in courts includes:

a) preparation of requests, claims , appeal petitions, cassation appeals , requests for supervisory review of a judicial acts, requests for reopening cases upon discovery of new facts, answers to the requests, claims and petitions, drafting of settlement agreements , and etc.;

b) participation in the trials.

As part of out-of-court settlement we will help you to prepare a claim for infringement of the rights to the intellectual property subjects , and also  to prepare a response to the complaint , received by you ;

3) The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (hereinafter - FAS) for antitrust infringement  cases, concerning unfair competition, namely:

  • Misrepresentation regarding location and method of production and consumer properties , quality and quantity of products, or with regard to its manufacturer ;
  • Commercialization of products with illegal usage of intellectual property and similar means of individualization of a legal entities, individualization of products, works and services;
  • Unfair competition related to the purchase and usage of the exclusive rights of the means of individualization of a legal entity, individualization of products, works or services;
  •  etc.

Representing in the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation includes:

a)               a) preparation of claims, written explanations ;

            b) participation in sessions of commissions of the FAS.