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Patent on an industrial design

Industrial design is a result of intellectual activity in the sphere of design. Design solution for an article of industrial or handicraft production is meant by industrial design.

Legal protection is provided for industrial design as long as it is identified as new and original by its essential features.

Essential features of industrial design include its aesthetic and ergonomic peculiarities i.e. configuration, decoration, color combination etc.

Legal protection is not provided for:

  • decisions subject only to technique function of an appliance
  • architectural objects; industrial, hydro engineering and other stationary constructions
  • objects of instable mode (liquid, gas, granular and similar substances)


Duration of exclusive right to industrial design is calculated from the date of filing and amounts to 15 years. This duration can be renewed upon application by a patent owner but no more than for 10 years.

Legal protection of exclusive right is executed only after state registration of an industrial design in Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks and issue of a patent.

Patent application for industrial design should refer to one to industrial design or to the group of interconnected industrial designs that form one creative concept (claim of the industrial design unity).

Images of an appliance, list of essential features of an industrial design and information about authors and patent owners are published monthly in the official bulletin of Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks.

The term of industrial design validity is 15 + 10 years and dated from the filing date.

Patent for industrial design must be reconfirmed annually by paying a fee. Otherwise it results in previous cessation of a patent.

Professional and official fees:

 Service name

Service price,


Not subject to VAT

Official fees,


Not subject to VAT

Date of performance

Searching procedures

from 20 000


14 days

Preparing of documents for filing with the RUPTO

from 20 000


7 days

Registration of patent application of industrial design and taking the decision according to the results of formal examination


850 roubles + 100 roubles for each item of the list of  essential features of the industrial design above 1


Conducting of the substantive examination for industrial design and taking the decision by its results


1 650 roubles + 1 300 roubles for each industrial design forming the group above 1 (full and part) + 250roubles for each variant of the industrial design above 1


Registration of industrial design and granting of the patent


3 250 roubles


From filing date to  granting date



12-14 months