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License agreement

               According to Civil Code of the Russian Federation under a license agreement, one party, the holder of an exclusive right to a result of intellectual activity or to means of individualization (the licensor), shall grant or shall undertake the commitment to grant to the other party (the licensee) the right to use such result or such means within the limits provided for by the contract.

The licensee shall use the result of intellectual activity or means of individualization only within the limits of those rights and those means as provided for by the license contract. The right to use a result of intellectual activity or means of individualization not indicated expressly in a license contract shall not be considered as granted to the licensee..

The license contract shall be concluded in written form and should be registered by the Federal Service (the RUPTO). Besides, franchise agreements (franchise), pledge agreements, in the event that these agreements include items of intellectual property (trademark, invention, utility model, industrial design) should be registered too

Costs (full prepayment)

Preparing of the agreement and filing it with the RuPTO for registration:

Cost for our services: 10000 roubles

1650 roubles. (+ 850 roubles. for each patent in above of 1) - official fee relating to a patent on an invention, patent on a utility model, patent on an industrial design.

13,500 roubles. (11 500 roubles. - for each trademark, service mark above one) - official fee relating to the trademark or service mark certificate.

Period of registration:  during 2 months (established by the RUPTO).