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 Franchising agreement.

According to the franchising agreement one party (the franchiser) is obliged to provide the other party (the franchisee) for a consideration for a term or termless  the right  to use in business the package of intellectual property of the rightholder, including the right to the trademark , service mark , as well as rights to other the contractual objects of exclusive rights, such as a commercial designation , the know -how .

Franchising agreement must be concluded in written form. Failure to comply with the written form of contract shall entail its invalidity. This contract is considered to be void.

Franchising agreement is to be registered officially in the Federal Executive Authority on Intellectual Property (the RUPTO) if the complex of rights which is transferred under the agreement includes the right to an invention, utility model, industrial design and trademark. Failure to comply with this requirement, the agreement is considered to be void.

Cost (full prepayment)

Drafting of the agreement (in accordance with the legislation ) and filing with the RUPTO for registration.

From 30 000 roubles. – professional fee

1650 roubles. (+ 850 roubles for each patent above 1 ) – official  fee relating to a patent for an invention, the patent for utility model , a patent for an industrial design .

13 500 roubles. (+11 500 roubles - for each trademark , service mark above 1)  - official fee relating to the certificate of trademark , service mark .

 Registration period is from two months (established by the RUPTO) .