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Registration of computer programs and databases

For registration of computer program the source code of the program (without page numbering, 3 centimeters indented, up to 69 pages) should be provided.

The filed application is being examined for about 2 months since filing.

The cost of services (preparing the material for filing and keeping file history) is 12000 rubles. If there are 5 or more applications filed simultaneously the cost is reduced to 10000 rubles.

The fee for the registration of a computer program required by Federal Institute for Industrial property is 2600 rubles for juridical person. For individual person the fee is 1700 rubles.

It is necessary to advise the following data:

  • full name, home address ,postal code, passport data, phone number, authors’ birth dates
  • brief description of each author’s contribution to the produced program
  • the date of production
  • place of production
  • the data about objects of copyright exploited in the production of computer program or database being registered
  • full name of a rightholder’s company with legal address and OGRN (for juridical person) or passport data( for individual person) of a rightholder

Abstract (up to 700 printed characters):

Authors (authors’ full names)

Rightholder (full name of the organization holding the rights according to constitutional documents)

Program (full name of the program)

Synopsis (brief description of the program)

IBM type

Language (programming language used during the production)

Operating system (operating system that match the program)

Program capacity (in megabytes)


 The period of registration is 2 months since filing an application.

The cost of services (preparing the material for filing and keeping file history) is 10000 rubles.

State due for the registration of agreements:

State due for the registration of assignment agreement regarding exclusive right to the registered software or database; assignment or pledge agreement regarding exclusive right to the registered topography of integral circuits; license agreement  granting a right of use for topographies  of integral circuits; making amendments to the abovementioned documents

3000 rubles;

1500 rubles – additional collection covered by the corresponding agreement

State due for registering the data about changing of a rightholder in the State Registry of Computer Programs, Registry of Databases and Registry of Topographies of integral circuits and

 for publishing the data in the official bulletin

1600 rubles

State due is to be paid by one of contracting parties.

For drafting an agreement and supplementary documents it is necessary to advise:

  • requisites of a rightholder and an assignee (full name, person entitled, banking particulars)
  • manner and extent of remuneration payment
  • requisites of assigned programs or databases

For registration of the agreement the contracting parties must sign 3 copies of Agreement and Power of attorney confirming our credentials and provide originals of Certificate acknowledging registration of software and databases.