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Copyright and associated rights

The following objects may be registered and consigned In Russian Authors Society with the issuance of the Certificate of consignation and registration:

  • Manuscripts of stories, novels, poems, textbooks, manuals, plays, articles etc.
  • Film scripts for  documentaries, feature films, commercials, music videos
  • Manuscripts of fiction translations
  • Name entry to games, quizzes, lotteries
  • Architectural designs
  • Descriptions and scripts of festivals and contests
  • Works of visual art (including sketches of trademarks, emblems)
  • Scripts of television programs, TV series, TV games, TV quizzes, TV lotteries, TV shows
  • Pieces of art, sculpture, design, graphics, graphic novels, comics, photographic production
  • Pieces of architecture, urban construction, garden art
  • Pieces of choreography or pantomime
  • Pieces of applied and decorative art
  • Pieces of music with or without lyrics

Copyright does not extend to ideas, methods, processes, systems, means, concepts, principles, discoveries, facts that are not subject to registration and consignation in Russian Authors Society.

Russian Authors Society does not consign or register separately titles of literary works, slogans, logos, catch phrases, trademarks and computer programs.




1. Registration and Depositing of works (intellectual property) with the issuance of the certificate within twenty days:
(a) the wordage up to 5 pages 1298 rubles
b) the wordage from 6 to 10 pages 2360 roubles
in) the wordage from 11 to 50 pages 2714 roubles
g) the wordage from 51 to 100 pages 3363 roubles
d) the wordage from 101 to 200 pages 4366 roubles
e) the wordage from 201 to 500 pages 4484 roubles
W) the wordage above 500 pages 4602 roubles
2. Works on videocassettes, compact discs and diskettes 1534 roubles
Urgent Depositing and registration within three days 2124 roubles
4. certificate execution on metal 3540 roubles
5. execution of an additional copy of the certificate in English within two weeks 2950 roubles.
6. Execution of a copy of the certificate 826 rubles

1. Payment is to be made through branches of the Sberbank of Russia with an additional bank charge of 3% for money transfer.

Bank details for payment of the tariff for deposition-in Russian Authors Society:
Russian public organization «Russian authors ' Society»
R/c 40703810238110100529 in the Donskoy branch of Sberbank № 7813 of Sberbank of Russia, Moscow
c 30101810400000000225, BIK 044525225, INN 7703030403


Our charges for service: up to 10 pages – 4000 roubles, from 11pages to 50 pages – 6000 roubles, from 51 pages to 100 pages - 8000 roubles, from 101 pages to 200 pages – 10000 roubles.


Copyright and associated rights are protected by judicial means.