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Manufacturing of seals

1. New seals (processed at initial registration). Registration certificate required. The price is 300 rubles.

2. Seals based on reprints (duplicates, copies). Registration certificate required. Starting from 500 rubles.

3. New stamps. Starting from 150 rubles (price depends on the pouring area).


Stamps with signatures. The price is 400-600 rubles. 

The price of seals containing graphic elements is calculated according to complexity of work.


Rendering and scanning of graphics. Starting from 100 rubles.

Allocation of graphics from customer’s file. The price is 100 rubles.

Graphics from computer database. The price is 100 rubles.

 Plastic tooling is included in price of seals production.

 Self-inking stamps with built-in blue stamp pads, GRM R40. The price is 250 rubles.

 Self-inking stamps, GRM. Starting from 230 rubles (depends on a stamp size).

 Terms of production: 1 day

The price of urgent orders is 1000 rubles per 2 hours (seals with plastic tooling).


Seals are made by means of photocrosslinking.