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Cost сalculation

1. 10 000 roubles - services include the preparation and filing of trademark application and correspondence with the RUPTO (response to requests), receipt of  intermediate documents by application, control at each stage of the application, mail and overhead expenses)

2. 2 700 roubles - the official fee of the RUPTO for registration of a trademark application,  formal examination and taking a decisions based on the results.

3. 11 500 roubles- the official fee of the RUPTO for examination of the filed application and taking a decision based on its results, if one class of the Nice Classification is applying (if more, plus 2050 rоubles for each additional class)

4. 16 200 rubles- the official fee of the RUPTO for trademark registration and granting of the certificate.

5. 3 000 roubles - service for obtaining of the certificate.

6. 10 000 rubles - response to the office action (if required)