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 Patent on an invention



                                                   technical decision in all spheres





strains of organisms

plant or animal cells

genetic makers

The process of effecting actions at the material object using certain means

constructions, products

chemical compounds, including nucleic acids and proteins; compositions of matter (speciation, concoction); products of nuclear transformation

bacteria, viruses, bacteriophags, microalgae, microfungus, consortium of microorganisms

organic cells of plants or animals, consortium of corresponding cells

Plasmids, vectors, transformed cells of microorganisms, plants and animals; transgenic plants and animals


How to obtain a patent for invention?


We are ready to present your interests in patenting.


Professional and official fees:


 Service name

 Service price,


Not subject to VAT

 Official fees,


Not subject to VAT

Date of performance

Registration of patent application of invention and taking the decision according to the results of formal examination


1 650 roubles + 250 roubles for each patent claim above 25


Searching procedures


20 000


14 days

Preparing of documents for filing with the RUPTO


 20 000


 7 days

Conducting of the substantive examination for invention and taking the decision by its results


2 450 roubles + 1 950 roubles For each patent claim above 1

( not above 10) + 3 400 roubles for each claim above 10


Registration of invention and granting of the patent


3 250 roubles


From filing date to  granting date



 12 months

Keeping in force the patent should start from the third year. Patent is keeping in force in case of payment of the annuity fee within 20 years +5 years.